Tenute Rubino Women’s Harvest 2017

Nature and culture of the vine to celebrate the winemaking excellence of the Brindisi area

Estate of Jaddico, Saturday September 2nd, 10:30/17:00

Brindisi and the Salento area are a veritable treasure trove of rural identity and traditional viticulture combining into a lifestyle that is both authentic and capable of innovation, quintessentially “Apulian”. In this light, Tenute Rubino’s “womens’ harvest” is an event, which has fast become a hotly anticipated date on Italy’s wine culture calendar, conceived as an opportunity to showcase this precious heritage and to promote the sensory universe surrounding the art of winemaking and traditional farming knowledge. This year’s harvest will take place on Saturday, September 2nd in Jaddico, the company’s most representative estate, located 8km north of Brindisi, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. From 10:30 AM, lovers of the outdoors, families with children, wine-enthusiasts and press delegations from Italy the United States will have the opportunity to actively partake in one of the year’s most special moments for the Rubino family: the harvest of the Susumaniello grapes, a variety which has become the emblem of the company’s production, handpicked by the legendary ladies of Tenute Rubino, the highlight of a year-long activity carried out with care and dedication. The Women’s Harvest will be celebrated throughout the day, with no shortage of wine, traditional local foods, music and popular games to fully enjoy the beauty of the Brindisi rural landscape and cheer the new harvest of 2017.

“This year we will be celebrating the 10th edition of this event. In the past years– communication manager Romina Leopardi explains– the format has been improved in order to communicate more effectively the history and values of this tradition, which has strong roots in the Brindisi area. It is increasingly important for us to promote this identity, to convey the qualities of authenticity that characterize us as, first and foremost, local producers within a specific and unique area of the Puglia region. The quality of our grapes is in the hands of our women. This heritage, that lives on and is enriched by their daily work, deserves to be known and appreciated, because this experience is the key ingredient behind the excellence of our wines”.

The 2017 women’s harvest will kick off with our Vineyard Experience, until 1.00 PM. Set in the spectacular gardens of the Jaddico estate with its tapestry of vineyards caressed by the sea breeze blowing from the shores of the Adriatic Sea, a breeze which brings life to the plants especially during the intensely hot days that often occur in the late ripening stage of the grapes. All our guests, equipped with scissors and wicker baskets, will be able to join the women’s team working in the vineyards, to take part in this year’s hand-picking of the Susumaniello and taste the freshly-cut fruit. Wine-lovers will be able to discover the secrets of this ancient ritual and listen to the songs and traditional folk-tales that typically accompany this moment. At the same time, cyclists will be able to explore the Jaddico estate on a sight-seeing bike tour. From 1 o’clock PM, a picnic will be served on the lawn adjacent the vineyard. The Food & Wine area, outfitted for the occasion with vintage cushions and tablecloths, will see the participation of several important local partners, such as Caseificio Lanzilotti, Salumificio Santoro, panificio Lu Furnu a Petra, and the Triticum Association, who will take us on a journey to discover the flavours of the traditional Apulian cuisine. All our guests will be able to feast on high quality local specialties such as freshly made pasta, cold cuts, cheese and delicious savoury and sweet baked goods, all accompanied by a selection of Tenute Rubino wines. What is more, the most discerning wine connoisseurs will have the possibility to know more about each label under the guidance of oenologist Luca Petrelli. From 14:30 to 17:00, time to have fun discovering local folk music and games: an immersion in the past for adults and an exciting discovery for the little ones, who will learn traditional games such as Jamme Salame (hopscotch), skipping rope, Li Pitrudde (the 5 stones), U Curre (spinning top), A Molle (the elastic) and dance to the rhythms and music of the traditional Apulian Pizzica. A final collective game of tug of war will bring to a close this intense and fun day out.

For the entire duration of the event, the community Igers della Puglia will organize the instameet “La vendemmia delle donne 2017”: all Instagram users will be able to share their experience on the popular social network. The official hashtags for the event are #lavendemmiadelledonne and #tenuterubino.

Information and contacts
Participation to the event requires booking. Admission is 12 euros for adults and free for all participants under 18 years of age. The entry ticket includes admission and an exclusive wine-tasting experience. Tickets can be purchased from our cellar (Via Enrico Fermi, 50 – Brindisi); from the wine shop Numero Primo (Lungomare Regina Margherita, 46 – Brindisi) or online here: www.lavendemmiadelledonne.it

In the picnic area, visitors will be able to purchase our tasters’ menu, a wide selection of traditional specialties, for the price of 5 euros per dish.

Link download photogallery: http://bit.ly/photogallery_vdd17

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