Marmorelle Estate

Varieties: Negroamaro, Malvasia, Chardonnay
Total area: 38 hectars
Altitude: At sea level
Soil quality: Soil quality: Medium textured, clayey


Located 10 km north-west of Brindisi, Marmorelle is an estate with an extraordinary history. Aside from being the home to the very first vineyards established by the Rubino family, its viticultural vocation dates back to the rule of the Roman emperor Augustus, a time when Apulian wines were among the most sought after and widely exported across the entire Mediterranean.

Marmorelle | Le tenute di Tenute Rubino - Casa del Susumaniello

The vines planted here in Marmorelle are the company’s oldest specimens. They grow on a young layer of weakly cemented yellowish sands which rest on clayey sands and deeper strata of gray-blue clay. The soil is deep and clayey with a scarce presence of gravel. The climate is mild and ventilated, thanks to the exposure to easterly winds blowing in from the sea.

The training system employed here is the espalier, with a vine density of 4000/6000 plants per hectare. The estate is mostly dedicated to Apulian native varieties such as Negroamaro, Malvasia Bianca and Malvasia Nera, alongside a small quota of Chardonnay.

Marmorelle - Tenute Rubino | La casa del Susumaniello