Az. Agricola Dott. Luigi Rubino
via Enrico Fermi, 50
72100 – Brindisi – Italy
GPS Coordinates
N 40° 37′ 48,17” – E 17° 57′ 26.057”

Ph. +39 0831.571955

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viale Regina Margherita, 46
72100 – Brindisi – Italia
GPS Coordinates
N 40° 38′ 30.5” – E 17° 56′ 42.711”

Ph. +39 0831.1795537

Tenute Rubino and the Market

Tenute Rubino is an Apulian brand with a strong international market presence. The company has consistently and successfully exported its labels to 20 countries such as the US, Canada and Brazil.

In Asia, Japan is without doubt our strongest partner, followed by China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and New Zealand. Continental Europe has always been very receptive to the winemaking style of Tenute Rubino, with Switzerland and Germany being the strongest buyers, followed by Austria, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Recently, the company has expanded its market presence in eastern Europe, particularly Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and, finally, Russia, with Moscow absorbing most of the wine imported in the country.

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