The proximity to the sea with constant ventilation make Jaddico the most representative estate of the Rubino family

Jaddico | Tenute Rubino | Vini del Salento


Located along the Adriatic coast, 8 km north of Brindisi, it covers a total area of ​​110 hectares. In Jaddico there are Negroamaro, black Malvasia, white Malvasia, Primitivo and Susumaniello. The proximity to the sea and constant ventilation are distinctive features of the estate, which together with the nearby Marmorelle was an integral part of an ancient Roman fundus. Archaeological excavations have brought to light the old manor house and the kilns where Visellio, the ancient owner of the estate, cooked the wine amphorae. Already in Roman times, in fact, Jaddico was home of a wonderful vineyard and an important production center for wine containers, then found throughout the Mediterranean basin.

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