Punta Aquila

Primitivo is a black native grape variety from Apulia. The name originates from the precociousness of its vegetative phases, with the harvest period running from the end of August to the first ten days of September. Its grapes are grown in the Uggio-Punta Aquila estate. A short passage in 40 hl wood vats contributes to a major aromatic complexity, though maintaining an extraordinary drinkability and pleasantness.

Punta Aquila | Tenute Rubino | Vini del Salento
Punta Aquila | Tenute Rubino | Vini del Salento
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Estate Characteristics
Estate of origin
Uggìo-Punta Aquila
100 m above sea level
Soil Characteristics
Medium consistency
Training system
Spurred cordon
Manual, first days of September
Between 22-24°C in steel tanks
Malolactic Fermentation
Totally carried out
15 days at controlled temperature
5 months in steel tanks, 4 months in 40 hl French wood tanks, 4-6 months in the bottle
Food pairings
Perfect with bucatini in boar meat sauce, pappardelle in hare sauce, pork stew, tripe rolls, stuffed meat rolls with tomato sauce, and tuna stew with mint. Very good with medium-seasoned cheeses.