The Ostuni vineyard

Varieties: Ottavianello
Vineyard area: 1 hectar
Altitude: 207 meters above sea level
Soil quality: Clayey and rich in gravel


The Ostuni vineyards host 5,000 vines in just under one hectare. One vineyard, located in the area of Ostuni, is devoted to a now very rare but absolutely indigenous Apulian variety, Ottavianello, used in the making of the wine Lamo.

Il Vigneto di Ostuni | Le tenute di Tenute Rubino - Casa del Susumaniello

The vines were established here in 1994, on medium-textured soils rich in gravel and rocky outcrops, located at an altitude of 207 meters above sea level. The climate in this area is typically dry with well-ventilated summers. The vines are spurred cordon-trained and the grapes are harvested in the first or second week of September, in line with the other red-skinned varieties grown in the region.