The Ostuni vineyard

Varieties: Ottavianello
Total area: 1 hectar
Altitude: 207 meters above sea level
Soil quality: Clayey and rich in gravel


The Ostuni vineyards hosts five thousand vines in just under one hectare. One vineyard, located in the area of Ostuni, devoted to a now very rare but absolutely indigenous Apulian variety: Ottavianello, used in the making of the wine Lamo.

Il Vigneto di Ostuni | Le tenute di Tenute Rubino - Casa del Susumaniello

The vines were established here in 1994, on medium-textured soil rich in gravel and rocky outcrops, located at an altitude of 207 m a.s.l. The climate in the area is typically dry with pleasingly ventilated summers. The chosen training system is the spurred cordon and the grapes are harvested in the first or second decade of September, in line with the other red-skinned varieties grown in the region.