The cellar, the estates, wine tastings, local food specialties, music.
Tenute Rubino invites all wine lovers and anyone wishing to know us better to an exciting calendar of events designed to showcase the best of Puglia’s winemaking.

Aspettando San Martino

San Martino is the day of the year devoted to the celebration of all things wine! Here at Tenute Rubino this special day comes to life thanks to an exciting multi-sensory itinerary dedicated to Negroamaro, Primitivo, Susumaniello and, of course, music.

Aspettando San martino | Tenute Rubino | La Casa del Susumaniello

Cantine aperte

A journey of discovery of Salento with guided tastings, food and wine pairings and the excitement of music with Junior Robinson.

La vendemmia delle donne

The women’s harvest is a day dedicated to one of our greatest local traditions, the perfect event to enjoy outdoors with family or friends and join in our celebration of the year’s harvest, traditionally performed by women, the true guardians of this ancient agricultural practice.

La vendemmia delle donne | Tenute Rubino | La Casa del Susumaniello

Saturnino Wine Party

Tenute Rubino opens the doors of its cellar for an exclusive event dedicated to music, the best of Puglia’s food specialties and one undisputed protagonist: Saturnino, our Negroamaro DOC Brindisi Rosé.

Aspettando San martino | Tenute Rubino | La Casa del Susumaniello

Tenute Rubino Wine & Friends

An unforgettable night Made in Puglia dedicated to the labels of Tenute Rubino, in the name of elegance and exclusivity.