Uggìo Estate

Varieties: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Aleatico, Vermentino
Total area: 125 hectares
Altitude: 100 meters above sea level
Soil quality: Medium textured with a quota of gravel


Located on the Salentine plateau at an altitude of 80-100 metres a.s.l., 13 km away from the Adriatic coastline, the vineyards of the Uggìo estate fall within a territory included in the municipalities of Brindisi, Mesagne and Cellino San Marco. The vines grow on clayey soil of calcareous origin, dark in appearance, with well-balanced quotas of clay and sand.

Uggìo | Le tenute di Tenute Rubino - Casa del Susumaniello

Marked diurnal temperature variations, which can be higher than 15°C, create unique microclimates which make for lingering and intensely aromatic wines with a great ageing potential.

The vines, trained either as spurred cordons or Guyot, are established at a density of 5000 plants per hectare. The varieties grown here are Primitivo, Negroamaro and Vermentino.

The hot-arid climate, typical of the Mediterranean basin, brings an average rainfall of 500/700 mm per year, mainly concentrated between the autumn and winter months.

The entire estate is run in conformity with the most environmentally sustainable Integrated Production protocols. Here in Uggìo, the fight against the common pest known as the European grapevine moth is carried out using sustainable methods such mating disruption and biological pesticides such as Bacillus Thuringensis.

Uggìo - Tenute Rubino