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In Italy we have this famous saying: “In San Martino each must becomes wine”. On 11th November, we celebrate the saint from Tours, famous for sharing half of his cloak with a beggar shivering. In fact we are now deep into the autumn, although here in Puglia temperature continues to be warm. All over the country this date coincides with the feast of wineand chestnuts, seasonal products, because usually during the day of San Martino people tasted for the first time the new wine.

Great qualities are expected from vintage 2015 and the more impatient of us can not wait to taste Novello, a product which is not included in our productive philosophy. Currently our 2015 wines are still jealously stored in steel tanks, waiting for nature to take its course, expertly aided by the hands of our workers led by Luca Petrelli. So we will not enjoy our 2015 vintage until spring 2016, simultaneously with the new season of House of Cards. Will the cynical Frank Underwood get the confirmation? It will be interesting to find it out while sipping a Oltremè 2015.

Meanwhile Luigi is in Asia, committed to promoting the Susumaniello in Korea, Japan and China during the “Tre Bicchieri” roadshow by Gambero Rosso. However, outside the working hours, we console ourselves with the fascinating combination between chestnuts and red Marmorelle. St. Martin is coming, stay tuned, as usual we’ll have fun together …

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