Since a few weeks, our vineyards have a charming green colour. The vegetative phase of plant growth has gradually been substituted by the blooming one and walking through the rows is a regenerating experience.

A couple of weeks ago we spent some time at the Jaddico estate, with this and other purposes in mind. Because even if we work for a farm, when you spend all your working time inside the office, you risk losing the fundamental connection with the land, with the soil.

Our ladies were busy with green pruning the vines and taught us the importance of this operation. Green pruning is fundamental in order to shape the plant in an effective and productive way. Pruning ensures that  leaves receive optimum light and levels out sunshine exposure of the bunches. Yes, bunches are already there, they’ve started their journey from green flowers to excellent grapes.

One of the goals of green pruning is creating adequate air circulation, which prevents plant diseases such as powderyand downy mildew. The task is performed manually, so it requires special skills. (In the video you will see Grazia pruning a young Negroamaro vine with all her mastery).

We wish we would be able to remove problems from our lives with the same simplicity and the morning in the Jaddico vineyards has been of great help. At the same time, all Tenute Rubino’s staff learnt many useful notions. You can be the best in selling, shipping, invoicing or communicating, but what really affects the fate of a wine producer is what happens in the vineyard.