Francesco Schirinzi, Sales area manager for the Brindisi province, is in charge of the important task of representing Tenute Rubino on its very own territory, on the land on which the company’s vineyards and headquarters lie. A territory full of natural treasures, of which the monumental olive trees valley is one of the main gems.

The millennial olive trees valley a UNESCO World Heritage site. When I first read about it, I taught “Wow, I wish it were!”. How much would our territory benefit from such an extraordinary nomination? Our land is already in bloom on the touristic destinations market, what if it was on the UNESCO list? Actually, this is just the first step along the application process, but it would be the cherry on top for us to show at the forthcoming Vinitaly.

The “Millennial olive trees valley” lies north from Brindisi, along the Adriatic coast, between the towns of Monopoli and Carovigno. Its peculiarity is the presence of the highest amount of millennial olive trees in all the Mediterranean area. Plants with an estimated age of 3,000 years that tell ancient stories of the Romans, among the first people who discovered the benefits of olive oil. These living monuments shape our territory in an unmistakable way, thus creating a unique landscape you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

We have many clients between Ostuni and Fasano, in the heart of the valley, and I settled myself in these stunning places some years ago. Here I know several hotels and restaurant owners, many of them have an ancestral connection with this land. A link that is still ongoing through agritourism (There’s plenty of masserias in the area, our medieval farm houses). I have asked them what they think about the UNESCO application, the answer has been utterly enthusiastic.

Armando Balestrazzi and Lucia Leone from Masseria Il Frantoio told me that “It would be the right prize to an extraordinary territory that needs to be protected”, from Gianfranco Ciola’s point of view “The landscape of the Monumental olive trees valley represent an intact evidence of the history of olive oil production, transformation and trade”. Gianfranco is the proud director of the Dune costiere park that develops on part of the valley, from the inland to the seaside. Here olive trees are the connection between the countryside and the sea).

Even if it focuses mostly on wine, Tenute Rubino deals with agriculture broadly speaking. We know the problems and the needs of the sector. We produce oil ourselves and even if our estates are not in the Monumental olive trees valley, we have decided to endorse the UNESCO application. Because we firmly believe in the promotion of the territory, not only through our wines, but also by creating a strong network with the local Horeca, touristic and agricultural stakeholders.
Our goal is the sustainable development of Puglia. The road that leads to Vinitaly and to international markets is made of identity. In Verona we are not just going to promote our wines, but Puglia, its trasures and lifestyle.