Tenute Rubino | Medium Fruity

Medium Fruity


It is obtained from the union of Cellina di Nardò, Coratina and Leccino. The balanced nature of this latter variety is able to temper the pre-eminent character of the other two cultivars, giving this extra virgin olive oil wide possibilities of combination

Estate characteristics

VINEYARDS LOCATION Salento, agro di Brindisi

VARIETIES Leccino, Cellina di Nardò, Coratina

PRODUCTION AREA Salento, agro di Brindisi

PRODUCTION AREA Plants located in the Salento plateau a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea

HARVESTING PERIOD From the second to the third decade of October

HARVESTING METHOD Hand-picking and mechanical shaker, and milled within a few hours

MILLING Cold extraction and preserved at controlled temperature

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