Tenuta Rubino is becoming increasingly sustainable

The choice of glass. Lightness that is good for the environment

A great contribution to our overall sustainability is the choice of materials we increasingly use that are produced from the circular economy and recycling.

The Rubino Family

Tenute Rubino is a story of a family’s deep love for a land and its rediscovery. The winery was established in the early 1980s by Tommaso Rubino—the first to recognize the modern viticultural potential of a territory with such an important past. Both the traditions of Salento and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit have been passed down from Tommaso to his son, Luigi, who has since taken over with his wife, Romina. Luigi has undertaken this entrepreneurial legacy, pouring all of his passion into the family’s winery and making it a global ambassador of Apulian viticulture.

Tenute Rubino | Casa del Susumaniello

The Recovery Project

The Susumaniello grape saw a sharp decline in popularity during the early 90s as many Apulian growers were driven to remove their less-productive vineyards in favor of high-yielding ones. However, Luigi Rubino—a long-time connoisseur of this grape’s unique qualities—chose to stake his company’s fortunes on the rediscovery and promotion of one of Puglia’s most famous, indigenous varieties. Tenute Rubino’s Susumaniello is grown on a 20-hectare single vineyard on the estate of Jaddico, along the shores of the Adriatic Sea, just 8 kilometers north of Brindisi.

Tenute Rubino | Casa del Susumaniello


  • 31.08.2023
    Tenute Rubino presents Wine & Glass Craft, a new experience blending wine, art, and sustainability.
  • 13.07.2023
    Summer arrives at Numero Primo, on the seafront of Brindisi
  • 20.06.2023
    Tenute Rubino is a Sustainable Winery under Equalitas