The Tenute Rubino project started in the 80’s from an idea of Tommaso Rubino, a firm believer in Salento’s potential. Through a long series of acquisitions, he has formed a substantial productive base divided in five estates. Expressing viticulture in Salento at its best was his main goal.

In 1999 his son Luigi, together with his wife Romina Leopardi, started the Tenute Rubino brand. The company is headquartered in Brindisi, where the launch of a brand new winery has been the first step in the business. Since then many innovations have been implemented both in the production process and in the company organization.


Puglia is an enthralling land.
Light rules over a landscape made of olives, vines and sea. A unique productive contest, where the vine has found its ideal habitat in order to produce history and excellence. Tenute Rubino benefits from this rare heritage with strength and sense of belonging, producing wines strongly connected with tradition but, on the other hand, focused on innovation, trying to determine style, texture and soul of a new frontier in winemaking.

Our heritage is made of the historical locai varieties from Salento: Negroamaro, Primitivo and Susumaniello among black grapes, Malvasia between white ones (beside other international and ltalian varieties such as Chardonnay and Vermentino). Tenute Rubino has always cultivated its lands with respect towards the environmental sustainability. Nowadays Tenute Rubino is a company which deals with careful customers, aware of the values expressed by our brand in the production of quality wines from Salento. A single range of wines with many different approaches. From The Selections to the Classic Method the intent is clear: representing the thousand different nuances in winemaking through a wise blend between tradition and innovation.

Il Salento - Tenute Rubino - Vini del Salento

The Susumaniello project

Susumaniello is the grape variety which best identifies Tenute Rubino. Black grape variety of Dalmatian origin, it is named after its abundant production in the early years. This important productivity strongly decreases harvest by harvest, down to an average of less than one kilo per plant.

This is why Susumaniello was slowly abandoned by the local vintners, since the main productive philosophy was to maximise the total production. Tenute Rubino grows Susumaniello in the Jaddico estate. The vines are the outcome of an accurate selection made on a wide collection of very old plants (75 years old) espalier-trained. The limestone terrain of the estate contains a large amount of sand which allows vigorous root growth. The project kicks off in the year 2000 with the appearance on the market of Torre Testa, the first Susumaniello in purity. A red wine that remains to this day the emblem of Tenute Rubino. Just few years after its birth, Torre Testa is already considered one of the pearls of Apulian oenology. In 2011 it’s the turn of Oltremé, a wine that immediately seduces the palate with its pleasant freshness. Consumers start to get familiar with this variety and since 2012 they can also enjoy bubbles of Susumaniello. Sumarè is the first classic method sparkling wine of the company, in which freshness and acidity are remarkable. In 2015 Tenute Rubino completes the range of Susumaniello with Torre Testa rosato, a delicate and versatile wine in which minerality stands out.