Making wine is an art, you know. More and more people are fascinated by this art, which in this period is in full swing. Being here in the cellar, where everything happens, observing the various stages of winemaking is a privilege of great importance for any winelover. Unloading of grapes, destemming, crushing and fermentation, the operations are various and challenging. Glancing over the pipes that run between a machine and the other one, we are driven by curiosity “as a fly drowning in wine, looking for a scent that is not anywhere else.” Looking for the must that becomes wine.

The must, he is the real protagonist of winemaking. Turbulent, difficult and of great potential, the must is a teenager who is studying to graduate as wine. It consists of pulp, seeds and skins of grapes, but remember that the skins are present only in the making of red wine. It contains hundreds of substances suspended in water (up to 80% of the must is water): sugar, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid and many others, nitrogen, minerals and polyphenols. The sugars will give alcohol, acids freshness and panache, polyphenols will be critical in determining its personality. All this is the baggage that the must has inherited in order to complete the delicate process of fermentation. With its young and intense aroma it fills the cellar with unmistakable scents and tells the stories of the grapes from which it comes.

Not too many things in life are worth to believe in. Here at Tenute Rubino we believe in the must that becomes wine. In must we trust. It could not be otherwise because of our job. A scientific magic that happens every year, always the same and always different. On these pages we want to tell the stories of the must, its path and its origins. To better understand the secrets of our beloved wine.