Palombara is born, the true soul of Primitivo di Manduria

Monday 8th November, in the exclusive setting of Borgo Egnazia, Palombara 2019 vintage was unveiled, produced on the agricultural estate of Lizzano in the heart of the DOC Manduria.

palombara primitivo di manduria. - tenute rubino

Palombara is the result of a much broader project, a journey of enhancement and synergy which Tenute Rubino has always found through its connection with Art, the culture and creative point of reference.

The presentation of the Palombara Project included the participation of the artist Dino Sambiasi, who created the artwork depicted on the wine label.

The guests were then treated to a dining experience in the name of creativity and sophistication: an idea of Giuseppe Cupertino, President of the Apulian Italian Sommelier Foundation and the Wine Manager at Borgo Egnazia, gourmet dishes were paired with Palombara 2019 vintage, served at different temperatures.

The vineyard where Palombara Primitivo di Manduria DOC is grown and from which it takes its name is found in Lizzano, in the heart of the Tarantine Ionian arch; here the Primitivo grapes find their natural habitat thanks to the special pedoclimatic conditions which characterise the DOC Manduria area.

The Palombara Estate is dedicated entirely to the cultivation of Primitivo: 24 hectares in total, spread across an altitude of 68 meters a.s.l, of which 22 are planted.

At these latitudes, the typically Mediterranean temperate climate, with its long summers and mild and sunny winters allows the “Primitivo winemaking” to best express itself, blessing the end product with finesse and elegance.

Palombara Manduria Primitivo DOC is a niche wine which in its first vintage (2019), has produced a limited number of bottles; an innovative wine, enduring and telling a story through the language of art and its powerful imagery and culture, enriched even more by Dino Sambiasi, Brindisi artist, who created the work of art “Flower People” depicted on the wine label.