Tenute Rubino is a Sustainable Winery under Equalitas

For the second year in a row, Tenute Rubino has obtained the Equalitas Corporate certification, a leading body in the agro-wine sector. This is an important recognition that enhances the path of work and investment in the system policies aimed at reducing, as much as possible, the environmental impact and affirm the socio-economic sustainability of the territories.

Tenute Rubino è Cantina Sostenibile per Equalitas.

The Equalitas Corporate certification is an award given to wine companies able to comply with the standards of environmental, economic and ethical-social sustainability. Aspects well-integrated within the different phases of the winery’s production chain have resulted in the adoption of “best practices”, designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.
Through the certification Equalitas – The sustainable winery has adopted an internal system of “Sustainability Management” and publishes annually a report of their budget, guaranteeing transparency with all customers.

“This aspect of the Equalitas certification serves to strengthen our position and give a snapshot of our actions and the relationship with the territory in which we operate, and it is also an unmissable opportunity to reflect, all together, the increasing complexity of today’s times, in particular the challenges that climate change requires us to face”.

Tenute Rubino è Cantina Sostenibile per Equalitas.

A great contribution to overall sustainability comes from the selection of materials and the increasingly wide use of those produced by circular economy or recycling, both in the production process and in the choices of address related to the preservation of the ecosystem.
In this sense, the interventions concerning the weight of the bottles or the packaging – up to the installation of a photovoltaic system – are all policies that take on added value in the calculation of the reduction of the accounts emissions.
As for the field work: the necessary actions have been taken, not only to safeguard the well-being of the vineyards and the land, but also to continue the strenuous “biological fight” against fungi and parasites. Among these is the use of meteorological units to constantly monitor environmental parameters in order to implement less expensive and more effective agronomic strategies. As well as the presence of diffusers for the sexual confusion of insects and the use of rock dust, the latter necessary to mitigate the heating effects on the leaf system.
Another fundamental indicator under the “magnifying glass” of Equalitas Corporate’s award of certification, is ethical-social sustainability. A principle very dear to Tenute Rubino because the winery consistently invests in the enhancement of human capital, focusing on integrated and inclusive training as a tool for business growth, both inside and outside the winery, through ad hoc initiatives.
One of these initiatives is Vino In-Formazione — an educational-experiential format entirely dedicated to the dissemination of the Apulian wine sector to students of some high school institutions in Brindisi, at the gates of adulthood.

Tenute Rubino è Cantina Sostenibile per Equalitas.

During 2022, in particular, Tenute Rubino carried out 200 hours of training activities in various fields: from work safety to quality and management of vineyards, the export world, as well as updates on market trends, marketing, and wine tourism.
“As a wine company, we need to show that sustainability is not just a trend or an option, but a discipline that guides our decisions and all the staff involved, within the different stages of the production chain and in all markets.
Our commitment to sustainability has been underway for several years and we have the obligation to strive to improve constantly, so that it produces concrete results for the territory of Brindisi, whose health is everything for the promotion of our wine, and therefore, for our survival.”
Tenute Rubino’s philosophy, whose solid foundations rest on the protection of the territory and human resources and on an iron ethic of good economy, will soon find a renewed expression at the new avant-garde winery, within the Tenuta di Jaddico, opening day.
It will be a real multifunctional center, technologically advanced and equipped with various rooms serving different functions, including spaces dedicated to tastings, meetings, conferences and wine-tourism events, with the additional presence of a restaurant and a wine shop. A new entrepreneurial design aimed at the promotion of wine deeply connected with its territory, with artistic and cultural dimensions.