Luigi is Tenute Rubino’s owner. The company named after his family has a mission: to promote the quality of native local varieties. Within this productive philosophy, Susumaniello is THE product of Tenute Rubino, a company that is preparing for Vinitaly 2015 with a clear vision: consumers ask for authenticity, Susumaniello is the answer.

The Susumaniello grapes are Brindisi wine fingerprints. Tenute Rubino is located in the middle of Salento, the land at the very end of Puglia formed by the provinces of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi. While Negroamaro rules in the province of Lecce and Primitivo in the Taranto one, Brindisi has always had its indelible Susumaniello mark. We have bet on this variety since the beginning of our winery, creating Torre Testa, nowadays the masterpiece of our production, but we still firmly believe in these grapes.

Susumaniello grapes have thick skin and are full of anthocyanins, the natural antioxidants very helpful for the prevention of many diseases. Nevertheless, anthocyanins are responsible for the colour of wine, because their pigments are purple. It is because of anthocyanins that Susumaniello wines have an impenetrable red soul. This is what I personally think every time I sip Oltremé, the wine we have decided to dedicate to love. Its deep red colour reminds me of the great passions generated by the heart, reminds me of the South.

Susumaniello is the ace in the sleeve for those who are studying for the sommelier exams. Because it is easy to remember and its name reveals the main characteristics of the grape itself: in the first ten years, Susumaniello plants are so productive that they overload the donkeys (somarelli) once used to carry the harvest. But this huge production decreases rapidly, in fact this is one of the reasons why it risked extinction up to the 2000’s. In the recent past, quantity was the main goal of many Apulian winemakers. Nowadays things have turned upside down and quality is what every winemaker is looking for. In this mutated scenario, Susumaniello is one of the key to our success, because it fits perfectly quality wine production.

Another characteristic of Susumaniello wines is acidity. Because of this, in 2014 we have taken another step on our Susumaniello project: we have launched Sumaré, a rosé classic method sparkling wine that is doing pretty well. But the project is still ongoing: in Vinitaly 2015 we are going to present another tasty novelty. Just a few weeks and we will unveil it!
In the 80’s Apulian showman Renzo Arbore enjoyed great success with the show “Quelli della notte” (The ones of the night), we would like to be remembered as “Quelli del Susumaniello” (The ones of Susumaniello)