Prestige and exclusiveness. Christmas 2020 by Tenute Rubino: the new christmas gift ideas.

Elegance, prestige and exclusiveness. This is our gift idea for the 2020 holidays, from sparkling wines to important reds. Precious bottles to be shared with loved ones, in the comfort of your own home, or as a gift to old friends.

Minimalism and elegance are the hallmarks of the gift packaging for this long awaited Christmas. Starting with the gift boxes dedicated to Oltreme’, an impressive wine from the Apulian wine making tradition, presented to wine lovers in collectible gift boxes.

Two of the gift boxes are dedicated to the single varietal Susumaniello DOC Brindisi, vinified in stainless steel. The first is in a completely redesigned and exclusive version with total black packaging.

astuccio natale oltremé - Tenute Rubino

The second is an elegant and exclusive gift box which combines wine, art and design: a limited edition in which Oltreme’ is complimented by a ceramic bottle coaster, created in the workshops of Grottaglie by the Master Ceramist Enza Fasano, and by a functional and sought-after pourer designed by Pulltex.

astuccio limited edition oltremé - Tenute Rubino

For sparkling wine lovers, our calling for Susumaniello sparkling wines continues with Sumare’, Brut and Brut Nature traditional method sparkling wine, the result of early harvesting of this native variety which has become a symbol of the Apulian wine making tradition.

An elegant, vivacious, refined and balanced wine, with a long and persistent finish on the palate as a result of ageing on its lees for periods of 30, 40 and 60 months.

sumaré spumante metodo classico - tenute rubino

The Christmas 2020 gift ideas continue with the Magnum format wooden cases with the single varietal Primitivo Visellio, Torre Testa, produced entirely from Susumaniello grapes and Jaddico, Brindisi DOC Reserve, in which Negroamaro’s intense and decisive character is enhanced by a touch of Susumaniello.

Last but not least, the single varietal primitivo Punta Aquila, in an original 1.5 lt bottle.

The exclusive and updated design for the Prestige gift boxes creates the perfect presentation for Miraglio, Negroamaro DOC Brindisi and the single varietal white malvasia, Giancola.

All the special gift packages are available at our shop di Vinoteca Numero Primo.