Sea and land in one Apulian classic

Opera Food takes us back to Osteria degli Spiriti to revisit a timeless classic dish from Salento: broad bean puree and mussels to enjoy with a glass of Punta Aquila.

Purea di Fave secche, cozze e Punta Aquila - Tenute Rubino

A broad bean puree, made delicate and creamy by the addition of mashed potato, served with succulent mussels and a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. A complex palette of textures enlivened by a fragrant scattering of toasted bread croutons. Simple ingredients brought together in a refined combination inspired by tradition, a dish which can never go out of style. For our new appointment with Opera Food, we’ll discover how such a dish, delectable and easy to prepare, can be enhanced by a glass of Punta Aquila, an asserting and caressing monovarietal Primitivo produced in the homonymous estate located south-west of Brindisi.

This version prepared by Tiziana Parangeli from Lecce’s Osteria degli Spiriti, is in keeping with the traditional recipe: subtle yet strong flavours, contrasting textures and a great emphasis on high-quality ingredients. Produced in an idyllic setting between sea and land, Punta Aquila with its inviting ruby colour and aromas of red fruit complements perfectly the flavour palette of this dish. Its intense flavours and satisfying tartness bind particularly well with the mussels and enrich the contrast with the puree, giving dynamism to the dish and enhancing its simple genuineness. This is a recipe that works thanks to the refined selection of its constitutive elements, so all you need to do is to source the freshest ingredients you can find, without forgetting of course a bottle of Punta Aquila.

Osteria degli Spiriti
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