• 30.08.2018

    Falstaff releaseS the results of its “Italian rosè TROPHY”: TORRE TESTA ROSÉ and SATURNINO have enticed the tasters of the prestigious german magazine and are now included in their LIST OF italy’s finest Tenute Rubino’s summer has been full of surprises and important international awards. One such recognition is the one expressed by Falstaff magazine, a leading wine&food publication available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, in praise of the estate’s Torre Testa Rosé and Saturnino, which have passed with flying colours the tasters’ evaluation of...

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    Susumaniello is an Apulian native variety enjoying a moment of great popularity thanks to its entici

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    In Japan, comics are recognised as an art form in a fully authorial sense. They are not a niche inte

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    THE BRIDGE Once again, it has been a very long day. Every second of it was lived to the full. Cell p

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    We don’t know if, after so many years, Luigi Rubino has a clear memory of the first time he set foot

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    How was harvest 2016? Many people ask, mindful of the heavy rains that have affected some areas of S

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    Happiness is at home in the streets of Ceglie Messapica. Back to the Festival of Games and tradition

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    We continue our journey into the colour of the wine by analysing the characteristics of white wines.

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    In the sensory analysis of wine, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects is the visual examinati